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eVitalRx is the completely cloud-based engine for Pharmacy Stores in India. We provide APIs for Patient's or Doctor's App which can be used to communicate with an engine in terms of stock, orders etc.


eVitalRx provides the API product to empower the Patient and Doctor Apps where one can search Medicines or OTCs and get an updated price, stock, and alternatives from the inventory of linked Pharmacy in real-time. Also, one can Place the Order or Push the Prescription to the pharmacy and various other smart and integrated features.

Scope of API

The scope of integration is to maintain syncing of the data between two platforms. The integration would act as a bridge to reduce the complexity and optimize the business processes.

  • Available Inventory would be reflected in the Apps with all the updated details of the medicines and OTCs.

  • Place the order or Push the Prescription to the Pharmacy from the Patient or Doctor App and it will reflect the same in the eVitalRx.

  • Generated orders would be reflected on all the platforms with customers and payment status.

  • Order status would be updated to the respected app too.

  • Patients added from Apps to eVitalRx would be reflected in eVitalRx with the past order history.

Getting Started

  • Register on eVitalRx and subscribe for Capsule Plan

  • Request for the API key to access the API product from My Profile

  • Whoa! you are all set to make the API Requests. 🚀

Contact Us

Reach out to us at +91 90330 71737 Email us at support@evital.in

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